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YOSHI Grill N Flip - Tongs & SpatulaYOSHI Grill N Flip - Tongs & Spatula

YOSHI Grill N Flip - Tongs & Spatula

The ultimate grilling companion: the YOSHI Grill N Flip. This innovative tool combines the functionality of tongs and a spatula in one sleek design, simplifying your grilling experience. Perfect for bulk purchases, this pack includes 50 pieces, conveniently divided into two inners of 25...
BBQ Grill Mat 2 PackBBQ Grill Mat 2 Pack

BBQ Grill Mat 2 Pack

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Baking and more.Perfect for: Vegetables, Chicken, Fish, Kabobs, Shrimp, Scallops, Ribs, Grilled Pizzas & More! Transform any outdoor grill into a versatile, non-stick cooking surface. These flexible mats work with any size or type of grill, and will make...
Mainstays Non Stick Bake & Grill Mats 4 pkMainstays Non Stick Bake & Grill Mats 4 pk

Mainstays Non Stick Bake & Grill Mats 4 pk

Mainstays Non Stick Bake & Grill Mats 4 pk These reusable, trimmable, reversible and nonstick Mainstays Baking Mats are ideal for use in the oven or on the grill. Perfect for lining cookie sheets and baking pans to keep food from sticking to the...

CSS Inc.

Elevate Your Business with Our Unique Outdoor Equipment Brands

by Emmett Slone 11 Jun 2024

At CSS Inc., we understand that as a reseller, your success hinges on the quality and appeal of the products you offer. That’s why we are proud to present a selection of top-tier outdoor equipment brands that will not only enhance your product lineup but also attract discerning customers. Let's explore how our premier brands—Bliss, Duromax, Hurley, Home Innovations, SunJoe—can benefit your business.

Bliss: Outdoor Gear for the Modern Adventurer
Bliss is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor gear and equipment designed for modern adventurers. From durable tents and sleeping bags to versatile backpacks and camping accessories, Bliss ensures that your customers have everything they need for their outdoor excursions. Bliss products combine functionality with innovative design, making them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.
- High demand among camping and hiking enthusiasts.
- Premium products with excellent profit margins.
- Strong brand reputation for reliability and innovation.

Duromax: Powering Possibilities
Duromax specializes in robust power solutions, including generators and power tools. These products are essential for homeowners, contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts. Duromax’s reputation for durability and performance ensures that your customers receive reliable power solutions for various needs, from home backup to remote job sites.
- Essential products with consistent demand.
- Trusted brand with a strong reputation for quality.
- Opportunities for bulk sales and long-term customer relationships.

Hurley: The Spirit of Adventurer
Hurley embodies the lifestyle of surfing, skateboarding, and youth culture. With a diverse range of apparel, accessories, and gear, Hurley appeals to active, trend-conscious customers. Stocking Hurley products connects your store with a vibrant, loyal customer base that values both style and functionality.
- Strong brand recognition and loyalty.
- Wide range of products catering to different demographics.
- Seasonal collections that drive repeat visits and purchases.

Home Innovations: Enhancing Everyday Living
Home Innovations offers a wide array of products that improve the comfort and functionality of everyday living. From smart home devices to practical kitchen gadgets, Home Innovations focuses on creating solutions that make life easier and more efficient. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and modern appeal of Home Innovations' products.
- Growing market for smart and practical home solutions.
- Diverse product range that appeals to a broad customer base.
- Strong emphasis on quality and user-friendly design.

SunJoe: Gardening and Outdoor Excellence
SunJoe is the go-to brand for gardening tools and outdoor equipment. From pressure washers to lawnmowers, SunJoe offers innovative and eco-friendly solutions for gardening enthusiasts and homeowners. These products are designed to make outdoor maintenance easy and enjoyable, meeting the needs of a growing market for sustainable and efficient gardening tools.
- High demand in the home and garden sector.
- Innovative, eco-friendly products that attract environmentally conscious customers.
- Versatile product range suitable for various customer needs.


Ready to partner with CSS Inc. to expand your inventory and gain access to these outdoor equipment brands? Contact us today to discover the benefits of partnering with a trusted distributor dedicated to your success. Together, we can elevate your product offerings and drive your business growth.

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