Security Knight Q3, UV Sanitizer Box, Large

Security Knight Q3, UV Sanitizer Box, Large This Security Knight Q3 - UVC Sterilizer Disinfection Box with...
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Security Knight Q3, UV Sanitizer Box, Large

This Security Knight Q3 - UVC Sterilizer Disinfection Box with Ozone is equipped with an ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp that will emit ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 185 nm to kill bacteria and viruses by destroying or changing the DNA structure of the microorganism through irradiation. Under the function of ultraviolet rays, bacteria and viruses will die immediately or become incapable of reproduction , In this way, the objective of disinfection is achieved. Ultraviolet rays also will turn oxygen in the air into ozone which is provided with high oxidizability and capable of killing bacteria, viruses and microorganisms . The whole process ( ozone generation -sterilization completed - ozone decomposed into oxygen ) produces no pollutants or residue.

Product features: 

This product is designed for household supplies or personal items, such as mobile phone , jewelry, shaver, toothbrush, eyeglasses, keys, cash and other daily items which tend to be infected with virus and bacteria. This product will effectively lower the possibility of bacterial reproduction and infection.
It is convenient for your to take along and use the product during a trip. It is your personal health care partner and  help you to stay healthy. 
Quartz tube with long service life  and high transmittance is used as the sterilizing lamp. 
Microcomputer is used for automatic control of sterilization duration.
The product is compact, fashionable and artistic in appearance and convenient to carry.
Precaution for safe use 

Ultraviolet ray can kill organic cells and will cause a burn on skin and eyes. During working, the upper cover shall be kept closed to prevent direct exposure in ultraviolet ray, and children shall be kept away from the product. 

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