Welcome to CSS, Inc.! Your premier source for inventory solutions. With 30+ years of experience, we specialize in buying & selling various items including closeouts, overstock, liquidation, and discontinued products. We also support green initiatives with refurbishing & zero waste solutions. Our extensive product range includes 12,000+ items from top brands like Colgate, GE, and more. Serving diverse customers from casinos to e-commerce sites, we cater to all needs. Visit our showrooms in strategic locations or meet us at trade shows like ASD in Las Vegas. Trust CSS, Inc. for your inventory needs.

More About CSS Inc.

CSS Inc.: A Pioneer in Surplus Merchandise Solutions

Ernie Peia, the visionary Founder and CEO of CSS Inc., embarked on a remarkable journey 35 years ago, revolutionizing the surplus merchandise industry.

Initially starting by selling items like clothing and health products from the trunk of his car, Ernie’s entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for CSS's meteoric rise. Today, CSS boasts a vast inventory of over 4,000 diverse items spanning electronics, home goods, appliances, automotive, toys, groceries, and more, making it a one-stop destination for retailers and consumers alike. These items are housed in over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse strategically located across the United States.

Ernie’s vision for CSS stemmed from recognizing the inefficiencies plaguing major brand companies with surplus inventory. He identified the need for a partner who could alleviate their challenges by providing a sustainable solution.

CSS Inc. was thus established to offer fair market prices for surplus products, preventing profit margins from being eroded by forced closeout sales.

CSS Inc.’s services extend beyond traditional retailing. With unparalleled buying power, the company facilitates the distribution of major branded merchandise to smaller retailers, thereby expanding brand presence and increasing sales. Notably, CSS Inc. is also a trusted refurbishing hub, restoring products to their original condition, addressing issues ranging from shipping damages to customer returns.

CSS Inc.’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its innovative Zero Waste and Zero Landfill programs. By championing green initiatives, CSS Inc. not only supports environmental conservation but also capitalizes on the growing demand for eco-friendly practices. With strategic showrooms across key locations, CSS Inc. is poised for exponential growth, catering to clients embracing sustainable solutions.

Ernie emphasizes the significance of a diverse and inclusive workforce, viewing employees as invaluable assets. CSS Inc. fosters a culture of growth through programs like the Future Growth Program (FGP), empowering employees to pursue their career aspirations. With an open-door policy and a focus on internal promotion, CSS Inc. cultivates future leaders while prioritizing communication and collaboration.

CSS Inc. remains deeply rooted in community engagement, giving back through partnerships with charitable organizations like the Make A Wish Foundation and Feed The Needy. By hiring locally, donating essentials, and participating in neighborhood initiatives, CSS Inc. exemplifies its commitment to social responsibility.

Ernie’s entrepreneurial journey, from childhood endeavors to leading CSS Inc.’s exponential growth, epitomizes resilience and innovation. Balancing reflection with
forward-thinking, Ernie ensures CSS inc. remains adaptive and proactive, steering clear of complacency and embracing continuous evolution.

CSS Inc. stands as a beacon of success, driven by Ernie’s unwavering vision and commitment to excellence. With a relentless pursuit of sustainability, inclusivity, and community impact, CSS Inc. continues to redefine industry standards while inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs.